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فصل اول: ابزارلات، وسایل اندازه گیری و مواد مورد نیاز

فصل دوم: آموزش چاپ و ساخت  مدارهای الکترونیکی

فصل سوم: میکرو کنترلرها و برنامه نویسی

فصل چهارم:  ساخت ربات قورباقه

فصل پنجم: ساخت ربات مار

فصل ششم: ساخت ربات تمساح

فصل هفتم: ساخت ربات لاک پشت

فصل هشتم: تحلیل و کنترل بیشتر ربات های ساخته شده

اطلاعات تکمیلی  از کتاب

This book starts out with the basics of metal working and test equipement that will be needed to build the robots. There is a very informative chapter on PIC programming that makes understanding and programming microcontrollers very easy. The book has great mechanical drawings for cutting, drilling and bending the aluminum. The schematics are easy to follow and printed circuit board templates are also included so you can make your own circuit boards. There are also diagrams that show you exactly where each of the electronic components should be positioned on the boards. Once the circuit boards and mechanics have been constructed, complete wiring diagrams are included showing you how to wire everything up - this book does not let you down!!

The first robot project is a frog that achieves locomotion by jumping. This is a really cool design and it uses the same circuit board that was used for the Insectronic robot (his first 
The second robot is a snake and is very cool. This is my favorite robot in the entire book and the only one that I have built so far. It is so amazing to watch this robot move around 
the room. Once again, the book is complete in the details for building and programming this robot along with building an infrared sensor board. Lots of great pictures. The author also has a website with movies of the snake...

THe Third robot is a four legged walking crocodile. This robot uses a dual motor gearmotor and an interesting mechanical design. This chapter also focuses on the implementaion of a wireless data link, remote control, DC motor control and leg sensors. The pictures and diagrams are excellent.

The fourth robot is a wheeled turtle robot that can move in any direction. It shows you how to use an ultrasonic range finder for precise measurement and an optical shaft encoder implemented for room mapping. This chapter is a lot of fun because the history of Grey Walters' historic robot turtle experminents are described.

Each chapter starts with a description of the robots biological counterpart and its inspiration.

This book is worth twice what it is selling for!

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