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DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing

DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing

                                                  AWT IMAGE

By E. Paul DeGarmo, J. T. Black, Ronald A. Kohser

  Publisher: Wiley


Number Of Pages: 1032   

Publication Date: 2007-03-09   

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 047005512X   

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780470055120   

Binding: Hardcover   


:Book Description

Through nine highly successful editions and now a new Tenth Edition, DeGarmo, Black, and Kohser's

 MATERIALS AND PROCESSES IN MANUFACTURING has built a strong reputation for its exceedingly clear

 presentation and highly practical approach to materials and processes. Completely revised and updated to

,reflect all current practices, standards, and materials, the Tenth Edition covers manufacturing processes

.manufacturing systems, and materials for manufacturin
Through an exclusive arrangement between Society of Manufacturing Engineers and Wiley the Tenth Edition

 includes a DVD that is a 2 hr collection of video clips abridged from the SME Fundamental Manufacturing

.Processes video series. It contains approximately 20 clips of 5-6 minutes each






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